Day 66: Let’s finish this

Wednesday 24th August Start: Stehekin, off mile 2569 End: Rainy Pass trailhead, mile 2589 Miles: 19.5 Although Stehekin is a wonderfully charming place, we were ready to get back onto the trail today.  This is our last section, and we... Continue Reading →


Day 65: Stehekin Zero

Tuesday 23rd August Start & End: Stehekin Miles: 0 It's been a leisurely day.  There are lots of hikers around who we seem to know, so a lot of the day has been passed chatting on the hotel's deck overlooking... Continue Reading →

Day 64: Best Cinnamon Rolls EVER!

Monday 22nd August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2564 End: Stehekin, off mile 2569 Miles: 5 I barely slept last night.  At one point I looked at the clock hoping the alarm was about to go and it was 23:30!  Maybe it... Continue Reading →

Day 63: The 100 mile countdown

Sunday 21st August Start: Miners Creek Bushcamp, mile 2542 End: Bushcamp, mile 2564 Miles: 22.4 I have enjoyed today's hike.  Following a gradual, but long climb up to Suiattle Pass first-thing, the hike became far less physically challenging.  I was... Continue Reading →

Day 62: Massive Elevation

Saturday 20th August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2519 End: Miners Creek Bushcamp, mile 2542 Miles: 23.1 This morning we set the alarm for 5am.  It was dark as I cooked our oatmeal.  But within a short window I watched the bright... Continue Reading →

Day 61: Swim day

Friday 19th August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2506 End: Bushcamp, mile 2519 Miles: 12.6 Today has turned out very unexpected.  When the alarm went off at 5:20 it was still dark in the cover of the trees.  We were ready for... Continue Reading →

Day 60: Adventure or Torture?

Thursday 18th August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2484 End: Baekos Creek Bushcamp, mile 2506 Miles: 22 ...That is the question I asked myself when in the searing afternoon heat, and on our third big climb a elderly gentlemen told me I... Continue Reading →

Day 59: It’s a long way to Stehekin

Wednesday 17th August Start: Stehekin, off mile 2461 End: Bushcamp, mile 2484 Miles: 22.41 I am very happy with the big push we made today - we made a good dent in the 108 miles to Stehekin!  Our last resupply... Continue Reading →

Day 58: Skykomish Zero

Tuesday 16th August Start & End: Skykomish, off mile 2461.6 So there's not a great deal going on in Skykomish.  In less than a day since arriving here we had exhausted all the local cuisine options.  This included a tour... Continue Reading →

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