Lassen National Park let down

16th June 2016

Lassen National Park to Redding

Continuing north on our journey to Oregon we had just one day to do a quick ‘highlights’ tour of Lassen.  We had our plan.  It was going to be intense.  We would drive the park road from the southwest entrance exiting through the north.  This would allow us to marvel at the geothermal wonders, take lots of pics, and hike the famous Bumpass Hell to Kings Creek trail.  Hiking up Lassen Peak was also a potential option. Continue reading “Lassen National Park let down”


Tahoe Rubicon Trail

13th June 2016

Emerald Bay to Rubicon Point

What a Monday!  I really enjoyed this trail.  It probably had something to do with the fact that it didn’t involve any massive ascents, and that there were dazzling azure lake views throughout. Continue reading “Tahoe Rubicon Trail”

Tahoe Rim Trail

14th June 2016

Lower Echo to Aloha Lake

Today we experienced our first taste of the PCT thanks to the recommendation of a Tahoe Park Ranger. Joining at Lower Echo Lake the trail is partnered with the Tahoe Rim Trail running north. Continue reading “Tahoe Rim Trail”

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