Training Hikes

Lassen National Park let down

16th June 2016 Lassen National Park to Redding Continuing north on our journey to Oregon we had just one day to do a quick 'highlights' tour of Lassen.  We had our plan.  It was going to be intense.  We would... Continue Reading →


Tahoe Rubicon Trail

13th June 2016 Emerald Bay to Rubicon Point What a Monday!  I really enjoyed this trail.  It probably had something to do with the fact that it didn't involve any massive ascents, and that there were dazzling azure lake views... Continue Reading →

Tahoe Rim Trail

14th June 2016 Lower Echo to Aloha Lake Today we experienced our first taste of the PCT thanks to the recommendation of a Tahoe Park Ranger. Joining at Lower Echo Lake the trail is partnered with the Tahoe Rim Trail... Continue Reading →

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