PCT 2016 Gear List

At the point the decision was made to hike the PCT neither Conrad or I owned a single piece of the kit that we required.  Fully unqualified as backpackers - that none of our family took seriously - we therefore... Continue Reading →


PCT Resupply Strategy

The very factor that makes the PCT so special, also makes it tricky to hike – the isolation.  Unlike parts of the Appalachian Trail, hiking along the PCT we will go for days without meeting civilization.  This therefore requires some forward-planning regarding food and basic... Continue Reading →

Final Kit Explosion

Following a 3-week snow delay we will be setting off from the Hwy 5 intersection in Oregon this coming Monday.  I can't believe we are so close.  Only 2 more sleeps in a real bed! From our Ashland hotel room... Continue Reading →

Where to start?

Preparation, preparation, preparation (or lack of) Putting one's life on effectual hold whilst also getting ready for the hike has entailed an awful lot of admin.  I have checklists upon checklists. In Massive Summary: 1. US Visas As Brits we need... Continue Reading →

Setting out to hike the PCT

As I gaze out at another grey and rainy London day it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to jet off to the Californian sun! Find a beach, eat lots of ice cream, work on our tans… except this time... Continue Reading →

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