Pacific Crest Trail

PCT 2016 Gear List

At the point the decision was made to hike the PCT neither Conrad or I owned a single piece of the kit that we required.  Fully unqualified as backpackers - that none of our family took seriously - we therefore... Continue Reading →


PCT Resupply Strategy

The very factor that makes the PCT so special, also makes it tricky to hike – the isolation.  Unlike parts of the Appalachian Trail, hiking along the PCT we will go for days without meeting civilization.  This therefore requires some forward-planning regarding food and basic... Continue Reading →

A Week On: Post Hike Reflections

Saturday 3rd September We finished hiking a week ago today.  It is amazing how quickly the time has passed.  Since then we have been to Vancouver, then south to Portland, and are now on an overnight train back to California.... Continue Reading →

Day 69: Canada

Saturday 27th August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2635 End: Manning Park, Canada, off mile 2659 Miles: 23.5 We enjoyed our last trail coffee and oatmeal sat in the dark.  Both of us were contemplative.  I am aware that during this trip... Continue Reading →

Day 68: Nearly there

Friday 26th August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2613.8 End: Rock Pass bushcamp, mile 2635 Miles: 21.7 As I go to bed tonight I am overwhelmed by the huge day we have had.  We are close to Canada and the end of... Continue Reading →

Day 67: Baked Goods Thursday

Thursday 25th August Start: Rainy Pass, mile 2589 End: Tatie Peak Bushcamp, mile 2613.8 Miles: 24.85 This morning I was sitting on a wall in the trailhead car park cooking oatmeal when a white car pulled up.  I felt conscious... Continue Reading →

Day 66: Let’s finish this

Wednesday 24th August Start: Stehekin, off mile 2569 End: Rainy Pass trailhead, mile 2589 Miles: 19.5 Although Stehekin is a wonderfully charming place, we were ready to get back onto the trail today.  This is our last section, and we... Continue Reading →

Day 65: Stehekin Zero

Tuesday 23rd August Start & End: Stehekin Miles: 0 It's been a leisurely day.  There are lots of hikers around who we seem to know, so a lot of the day has been passed chatting on the hotel's deck overlooking... Continue Reading →

Day 64: Best Cinnamon Rolls EVER!

Monday 22nd August Start: Bushcamp, mile 2564 End: Stehekin, off mile 2569 Miles: 5 I barely slept last night.  At one point I looked at the clock hoping the alarm was about to go and it was 23:30!  Maybe it... Continue Reading →

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