Blogging from the PCT

My husband Conrad and I decided to hike the Oregon and Washington sections of the PCT in the summer of 2016 on a bit of a whim.  This was to be our first ever brush with backpacking and true wilderness.  I can’t stress enough what TOTAL amateurs we were!  The trail transported us from living in a tiny flat in London, into the unknown wild, which was seriously out of our comfort-zone.  It’s painfully evident through the blog I kept that we didn’t find it easy!  We suffered in many ways.  It was brutal.  Just physically, neither of us were uber-fit marathon runners to start with!  All-in-all, deciding to join the trail was a leap to say the very least…

But once we found our feet, the proportion of good days to bad increased.  Below are the journal entries I kept during those 10 weeks.  Most of these were written by torch-light at the end of a gruelling day, so apologies for my often fragile state of mind, and lack of attention to detail.  I hope you enjoy the read.  Please reach out if you have any questions!



Day 1: Into The Wild

Day 2: Are we there yet?

Day 3: This bag is going to kill me

Day 4: Obstacle Course

Day 5: Lava Rocks

Day 6: Back to where it all began

Day 7: Bushwhacking

Day 8: Tobogganing

Day 9: So near yet so far (…from Crater Lake)

Day 10: Hello Crater Lake

Day 11: Crater Lake Zero

Day 12: Nero to Crater Lake Lodge

Day 13: Crater Lake Rim Killer

Day 14: Mount Theilsen snow slide

Day 15: Highest Point snow fields

Day 16: Crescent Lake

Day 17: Shelter Cove Resupply

Day 18: Zero Day at Odell Lake

Day 19: Why did we leave Shelter Cove?

Day 20: Come on Sun!

Day 21: Trail Magic

Day 22: The Three Sisters

Day 23: Stupid Lava Day

Day 24: Big Youth to Bend

Day 25: Bend Birthday Zero

Day 26: Bend again!

Day 27: Let’s finish Oregon

Day 28: Approaching Jefferson

Day 29: Jefferson Park

Day 30: Hiking with downtime

Day 31: We broke 20 miles!

Day 32: Timberline Lodge buffet calling

Day 33: Timberline Zero

Day 34: Mammoth Late One

Day 35: Eagle Creek Trail

Day 36: Last day of Oregon!



Day 37: Washington Starts Here

Day 38: Washington Sweat Fest

Day 39: Halfway to crazy

Day 40: Get me to Trout Lake

Day 41: Remote Zero Day

Day 42: Still in Trout Lake

Day 43: Mount Adams Wilderness

Day 44: Rainy Goat Rocks

Day 45: Living on the Edge

Day 46: Packwood

Day 47: Please fix our feet

Day 48: Horses and Lakes

Day 49: Musn’t Grumble But…

Day 50: Wet Feet Monday

Day 51: Breaking Records

Day 52: Iron Horse Trail

Day 53: Snoqualmie Zero

Day 54: Goldmeyer Ups & Downs

Day 55: Alpine Lakes

Day 56: More Climbing

Day 57: Easy ride to Skykomish

Day 58: Skykomish Zero

Day 59: It’s a long way to Stehekin

Day 60: Adventure or Torture?

Day 61: Swim Day

Day 62: Massive Elevation

Day 63: The 100-mile Countdown

Day 64: Best Cinnamon Rolls EVER!

Day 65: Stehekin Zero

Day 66: Let’s finish this


A Week On: Post Hike Reflections

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