Growing up I was fortunate enough to enjoy foreign holidays. Nothing too exotic, but plenty of sun and ice-cream. And for many years I thought that’s what travelling was all about. I was a self-confessed ‘creature comforts’ kind of girl, who required a decent bed, lots of relaxation and good food, and would still end up more often than not missing home!  But as I grew up changes slowly happened…

Firstly I met a boy. He was already a worldly backpacker who began guiding me out of my comfort zone.  He became my travel partner in crime.  And later my husband.  At the same time, the effects of living and working in London started taking their toll.  The city is chaotic, and life all began to fell very routine.  As our friends grew up and started having families we increasingly turned to travel for stimulation. We took our first ‘extended’ escapades together in The Americas back in 2012, and afterwards I became hooked. It gave me increased confidence to explore, and to seek out independent outdoor-based adventures away from the crowds.

Our friends joke that we don’t really do holidays.  I like to call what we do ‘taking trips’, and most of the time you can find me saving for and/or planning the next ‘big’ one.  In the interim we also try to tide ourselves over with the odd mini-venture in the UK – anything that gets us into the open and out of the Big Smoke.

This blog began purely to keep our families up to date during our PCT section hike in 2016.  They liked feeling part of the rather random and unconventional escapades, so I have begun adding further details of past and future travel fun, as well as sharing tips I have learnt along the way that I hope prove useful to all who read.  I was – and still am to a certain extent – a cautious traveller, but I’m learning each day how the world is accessible, and really not such a scary place.

I’m constantly on the hunt for new wonders to add to my insatiable wander [bucket] list, so if you have any ideas please do share and make life’s big exploration a collaborative one.

To wake up and feel a sense of wonder, a feeling that anything could happen. That’s what I crave.


The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco