So I did it… I finally wrote a book!

When I was [much] younger, as a student studying English at A-level, I was convinced I could write a book.  I mean, how hard could it be?  They say everyone has a book in them, so I just needed to figure out a title and I would be away…

Such dreams have a tendency to relax themselves from the forefront of your mind as you grow older and focus on more materialistic things – such as paying a mortgage.

Then, nearly three years ago I took a time-out which resulted in the most epic experience of my life.  I hiked along the infamous Pacific Crest Trail – as a complete and utter amateur hiker/ outdoors person – reinvigorating my dreams and leaving in me an over-whelming desire to put the experience to paper so I couldn’t forget a single memory.

Read all about how the book actually came about on Book Brunch

Or just buy a copy from Amazon 🙂


I really was the Unlikeliest Backpacker!


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