Day 65: Stehekin Zero

Tuesday 23rd August

Start & End: Stehekin

Miles: 0

It’s been a leisurely day.  There are lots of hikers around who we seem to know, so a lot of the day has been spent chatting on the hotel’s deck overlooking the lake.  We checked out the National Park’s visitor centre right next door to get an update on the weather – it’s looking good.  Only a small chance of rain on Saturday, but hopefully it will hold out for us one more day!

Enjoying the interactive exhibits in the visitor centre

Later we rented bikes and cycled 2 miles to the bakery for lunch – well we wasn’t going to walk it!  I love that place.  We both enjoyed mixed berry pie and ice cream for dessert.

Inside the bakery
Blueberry pie!

The bike ride itself was a very scenic jaunt along the banks of the lake. There are odd little log cabins dotted around that look like they belong in a fairytale.

Door anyone?

Lakeside church

Personal admin and resupply tasks completed, we then finalised our return journey from Vancouver to California for next week.  I can’t believe that we are only days away from completing this mammoth expedition!  It’s just starting to sink in.  Only 4 camps left…

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