Day 53: Snoqualmie Zero

Thursday 11th August

Start & End: Snoqualmie Pass

Miles: 0

I had a terrible nights sleep despite the bed.  I ended up downing a load of painkillers to try and help me sleep.  Maybe the 2-hour nap yesterday afternoon had been a bad idea!  I am so glad that we are not hiking today – my body feels exhausted and obviously needs a rest.

Resupply box contents
Zero days generally involve trail ‘admin’, which is tedious but necessary.  These are the tasks we completed today, rewarding ourselves with food and rest inbetween:

  • Empty resupply boxes and sort food bags
  • Buy more food – stuff that we are not bored with
  • Find the local hiker box to donate our surplus to
  • Study the maps for the next section
  • Back flush water filters
  • Wash up cook set
  • Do laundry
  • Update blog
  • Eat.

Got all the essentials

We now have 268 miles to go!  There are some very big climbs ahead in this next section, but at least the weather looks more promising…
Will have to stash my knife I guess!

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