Day 51: Breaking Records

Tuesday 9th August

Start: Bushcamp, mile 2349

End: Bushcamp, near Keechelus Lake

Miles: 24.9

Today was the most mundane, non-eventful day of our hike.  We took few photos, and just concentrated on making miles.  It lightly rained on and off throughout – just enough to prevent us from really drying out.  We bided the time listening to podcasts and eating lots of snacks.  There was some rare phone signal at points, but that was about all to get excited by.

Clear timberline change

By early evening we were sat at a trail junction with a jeep road taking a break when a hiker in a kilt came past.  He had left Snoqualmie earlier today and warned us that it was likely to rain again this evening.  My heart sank.  It already felt very cold and it was not yet 6pm.  We studied the maps for an answer.


Eventually we started moving again, but turned off the PCT down the jeep road.  Heading towards a large lake at a lower elevation, and an alternative trail called the Iron Horse.  Whilst walking down another forest service road a couple pulled up in a shiny white SUV.  They chatted to us, intrigued by the hike.  We accepted half-eaten sub rolls – I think that officially makes us hobos now?!  But most crucially the lady asked us if we would like to get to Snoqualmie tonight.  Despite every bone in my body screaming YES, we declined the cheat.  We are walking to Canada one way or another.  Reluctantly at that instance.  I can’t believe I could have had a bed and a shower tonight.

Keechelus Lake

We made it to Keechelus Lake two hours later.  Overall we probably saved a couple of miles, but the big gain was getting further down the mountain.  It’s been so cold in the evening and mornings recently that it’s hard to get the muscles to respond.  Our feet and legs have paid the price of every mile.  This camp doesn’t even have a log to sit on – boy I miss a seat!  We both downed a couple of antihistamines to help us sleep, and drifted off to the sound of thunder not far off to the east.

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