Day 47: Please fix our feet

Friday 5th August

Start & End: Packwood

Miles: 0

We took rest in Packwood today so couldn’t resist returning to the Blue Spruce Saloon for breakfast.  It’s always night time inside that place!  Whilst there I was observing the American TV coverage of the Olympics.  Let’s just say it is gives a very different angle to that of the BBC!

Our feet are still very sore.  I hope this doesn’t become a hindrance to getting back on the trail tomorrow.  They seem to have permanent cramps in them, especially the toes which are red and swollen.  Why now?!

Outside the sports shop – it had nothing for hikers!

There is not much excitement left to report. Having packed even heavier food bags ready for the morning, we now intend to take a nap, watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and go for pizza.

For all your quilt and alcohol needs

There are 367 miles left to go.  My only hope is that the storms heading for the north-west coast from Sunday will not reach us in the mountains.  The weather up here seems impossible to predict.  There is also a wildfire in Grant County, about 120 miles east of the PCT.  I hope this gets contained soon.

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