Day 42: Still in Trout Lake

Sunday 31st July

Start & End: Trout Lake

Miles: 0

We needed time today to reset and decide what to do.  I feel guilty being here.  After another call back home I was told that I needed to finish the hike.  My Nan needs her next postcard to be from Canada.

I attended the local Sunday service in the tiny white wooden church.  The congregation was very welcoming.  I drew comfort from the group of caring people around me.  I will not forget the experience.  Pastor Scott, in his Hawaiian shirt gave me a red flower.  It was emotional.

Trout Lake Presbyterian Church

Having a cold drink back outside the gas station, one of the men from yesterday’s raffle ticket stall said hello.  We got talking and he and his wife Becky driving us to Wal-Mart at Hood River to buy some more food.

Ed and Becky

Ed and Becky have shown us such gracious hospitality day.  After Wal-Mart – Disney World for hungry hikers – we drove through White Salmon and had a drink in a micro brewery.  Our hosts insisted on paying.  They then took us back to their beautiful home and served us up homemade huckleberry sauce over ice cream.  We loved their home, which they built themselves, and stands with enviable views of Mount Adams from the floor-to-ceiling windows.  I felt so looked after.  It was great to talk to local people and understand the strength of the farming community, and hear stories about volcanic eruptions.

Becky serving up ice cream

Tomorrow we are going to return to the trail.  I want to thank everyone today for their love and prayers.

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