Day 41: Remote Zero Day

Saturday 30th July

Start & End: Trout Lake

Miles: 0

I will never forget Trout Lake.  For good and bad reasons.  Today I received some very difficult news from back home.  It has been hard to process, and hard to think of what to do being so far away from my family.  For now everything is on hold.

Before I heard the news we were in this unique little place ready to take a zero day and head back out tomorrow.  Sleep didn’t come easy at the local park campground last night.  Dan left there in a huff early complaining about the noise.  Who drives around a campground at 12pm?  It was hot.

We enjoyed breakfast back at the sole place in town – the gas station cafe.  Even though it was far from gourmet, to us eggs and coffee are bliss.  Whilst at the counter Steve wondered in.  He was contemplating quitting.  I think we convinced him (ironically) to push onto White Pass.  It is 66 miles, and runs through the Goat Rocks Wilderness which is supposed to be spectacular.

Return of Steve

Upon finishing breakfast Conrad discovered that his credit card had been cloned.  We have apparently been spending it up in Michigan whilst hiking Oregon.  Following a lengthy phone call back to the UK the card was cancelled.  We now have just two cards between us to help us eat as much as possible.  Since starting Washington I have noticed my hip belt keeps needing tightening.

The gas station cafe

With a reservation for a $25 a night room at the General Store we wasn’t expecting much, but knew it would be a step up from the park.  W

e were pleasantly surprised.  Private shower, clean bed, and a TV!  Across the road in the Community Hall a Saturday local market was open.  We wondered in, to a room of hanging handmade quilts, and baked goods.  We got chatting to two friendly locals selling raffle tickets, so we brought some of those.  Next we brought cookies, peaches, and a huckleberry cinnamon roll.  They are very proud of their huckleberries around here.

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