Day 26: Bend again!

Friday 15th July

Start & End: Bend

Miles: 0

Our final chance to relax before rejoining the trail tomorrow, yet our bodies are more tired today than any other day so far – why is that?

I am a bit worried by Conrad’s painful hip bone, and his nasty mystery rash just below his belly button.  Returning to sleeping on a blow-up mattress is going to be tough!  I will also greatly miss the shower.

Deschutes Brewery pub on NW Bond St.

Today we both got haircuts (much-needed in a certain person’s case), and sorted out our food resupply.  In the grocery store I wanted to buy everything in sight but tried to constrain myself!  We also posted 2 mini packages of extra food to our next 2 resupply points after Timberline Lodge, so hopefully we will be less hungry – if we figure out how to carry it all!

Fancy ‘clean’ hair!

A PCT Trail Angel has agreed to give us a ride back to Santium Pass tomorrow, so we’re all set, and if all goes to plan from there next Sunday we shall complete Oregon!

Dan arrived in town today, finally catching us up.  We will expect to see him in this section as he starts hiking a day after us.  I am both excited and reluctant to head back out…

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Bend again!”

  1. Darn, my wife might miss you! She made it to McKenzie Pass way early from Elk Lake, yesterday. She decided to hitch to Bend and stayed with one of her girlfriends. She was back on the trail this morning. Hopefully, you’re not going back to McKenzie and meant Santiam Pass, instead…


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