Day 18: Zero Day at Odell Lake

Thursday 7th July

Start & End: Odell Lake Resort

Miles: 0

Today has felt like a vacation!  No hiking, just enjoying where we are.  I think we both struggle a bit to switch off and not fuss around doing chores, but I am pleased to report that we have done very little all day!

Our view from breakfast
Fishermen on the quay

In summary, having done laundry and admin resupply duties yesterday all we needed to do was to collect one further parcel that had annoyingly arrived at Shelter Cove last night after we had left there.  Options for transportation were limited – we tried to blag a lift, but offers didn’t materialise.  Instead of heading for the highway to hitch we rented a small motor boat.



At Odell Lake Resort

It took about 30 minutes to cross the lake, viewing mostly the dense pine trees surrounding the water and a few snowy peaks.  Some small fishing boats were also out.  Once we arrived at Shelter Cove we sat eating ice cream chatting with Dan and a few other hikers.  One girl had been stung yesterday on her eye by a mosquito and looked like she had just gone 9 rounds with Mike Tyson!  The swelling was really bad.  She was coming off trail to go and see a doctor.  Those mosquitos are sneaky little s*%ts!

Hiker mess tent
Shelter Cove








This evening we have slowly witnessed the weather starting to turn.  The lake looks very choppy, the grey clouds are looming.  All I can think as we re-pack our bags is ‘I hope this blows over’!

4 thoughts on “Day 18: Zero Day at Odell Lake”

  1. Extremely grateful for your posts and photographs of the trail conditions. My wife is out there solo unsupported right now–just a few days behind you (no planned zero days…). On Sunday, she was caught in the storm all day with snow/sleet/rain while traversing past Devil’s Peak (36 mile day for her) to Crater Lake. Was surprised to see Mount Thielsen Peak trail conditions on the western side so packed with snow. Hopefully, you’ll cross paths with her soon…


      1. Olga (green pack). Just spoke to her an hour ago near Crescent Lake. It’s been a struggle for her since she’s covering 25 to 30’ish miles/day. She began at the Cali/Oregon border last Wednesday evening.


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