Final Kit Explosion

Following a 3-week snow delay we will be setting off from the Hwy 5 intersection in Oregon this coming Monday.  I can’t believe we are so close.  Only 2 more sleeps in a real bed!

From our Ashland hotel room we did one final kit explosion of our gear, and this is the result:

2 backpack’s contents – minus food, water & fuel
My Gossamer Gear Mariposa pushed to the limit!

So there is still some re-jigging required. More is going to be shoved into the front pocket and I have an impressive array of stuff clipped to the shoulder straps that you cannot see.  Shame we don’t have access to some scales for a final weigh-in, but I can tell you they feel real HEAVY!
I will put together a full gear list when I can.  It will be interesting to see what will make it the duration and what will be ditched enroute to Canada.

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