Hiking Windsor Great Park during Winter

Where: Windsor, UK When: 12-14th January 2017   It's a cold Friday evening in January, and we're sat in London pub complaining. Our gripe? We needed to get outdoors. We need fresh air, and to swap the depressing city skyline... Continue Reading →


The Sacred [Shorter] Inca Trail

Where: The Sacred Valley, Peru When: November 2012 Want all the drama and beauty of Peru's famous Inca Trail, but don't have 4 days free to hike it? Or perhaps like us you'd rather opt out of camping? Well fear... Continue Reading →

Snapshots from Winter in the British Lakes

The Power & Beauty of Nature: Iguazu Falls

Where: Iguazu Falls, border of Argentina and Brazil When: November 2012   The largest waterfall system in the world is nestled within a diverse, lush ecosystem straddling Brazil and Argentina. Where the Iguazu River spills over the edge of the... Continue Reading →

PCT 2016 Gear List

At the point the decision was made to hike the PCT neither Conrad or I owned a single piece of the kit that we required.  Fully unqualified as backpackers - that none of our family took seriously - we therefore... Continue Reading →

Travelling offbeat: Rapa Nui aka ‘Easter Island’

When: Nov 2012 I associated it with the Moai stone figures and knew it was pretty off grid, so in an attempt to go somewhere 'different' whilst travelling through South America, we booked flights on a whim over two-thousand miles... Continue Reading →

2 Days in Yosemite

Where: Yosemite National Park, CA When: Late May 2011 We unexpectedly arrived in Yosemite in complete darkness after a monster drive from Vegas.  What should have taken 6-hours in our shiny red convertible, ended up more than double that - pulling... Continue Reading →

PCT Resupply Strategy

The very factor that makes the PCT so special, also makes it tricky to hike – the isolation.  Unlike parts of the Appalachian Trail, hiking along the PCT we will go for days without meeting civilization.  This therefore requires some forward-planning regarding food and basic... Continue Reading →

A Week On: Post Hike Reflections

Saturday 3rd September We finished hiking a week ago today.  It is amazing how quickly the time has passed.  Since then we have been to Vancouver, then south to Portland, and are now on an overnight train back to California.... Continue Reading →

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